solo voice and electronics

Combining acoustic and processed voice to create soundscapes underneath simple, ernest melodies and stories, the sound that is minimalist at some moments, can be dense, raw and abrasive at others. This bizarre and transportive dream pop welcomes and then immerses you.


Your favourite trio of weirdos come together for storytelling, connection, soundscape, improvisation and escapism. Featuring Christine Duncan (voice and theremin), Patrick O’Reilly (guitar and pedals) and Laura Swankey (voice and pedals).

Jazz Bras Dot Com is free and angular and quirky and strange. Fulfilling all the feminist noise hopes, dreams and desires you never knew you had. Jessica Ackerley (electric guitar), Elisa Thorn (harp), Laura Swankey (voice).


MIke McCormick’s Proxemic Studies, are an intensely personal examination of human intimacy that depict the unabashed beauty of unconditional love, the bitterness of heartbreak, and the volatility of passionate lust. Mike McCormick (electric guitar), Emily Denison (trumpet), Laura Swankey (voice and electronics), Knut Kvifte Nesheim (drum kit, vibraphone)


Featuring Toronto musicians David Riddel (electric guitar) and Laura Swankey (voice and pedals), and Vancouver’s Elisa Thorn (harp and pedals), Star Triptych bridges improv, composition, extended techniques & electronic effects to capture and communicate beauty.

Toronto-based art-rock ensemble. Featuring an impressive eight-piece lineup of improvisers performing the ethereal and singable songs of guitarist David Riddel.

Photo by Mickle Lynn

Photo by Mickle Lynn