Photo by Rakel Emhjellen Paulsen

Canadian vocalist/ composer/ improviser Laura Swankey is known for her versatility, artistry, vocal aptitude and open mindedness. She has worked with artists such as Juno award-winner Mike Murley, Poet Laureate Dennis Lee, Christine Duncan, Mark Feldman and Ralph Alessi, and premiered works by Juliet Palmer, Lieke van der Voort, Tova Kardonne, Elio Villafranca and Mike McCormick. Recently Laura has been collaborating with and touring through Canada, parts of America and Scandinavia with Proxemics, Star Triptych, Jazz Bras Dot Com, Delusions of Grandeur, and her solo project. In 2018 Laura joined the University of Toronto and Humber College as an instructor in their respective music departments.

2018 held four solo and collaborative album releases for Laura: EP 'Once More' featuring music she has been developing for solo voice and electronics, 'Volume III' with Toronto’s Collective Order (with support for Toronto Arts Council and Canada Council for the Arts), Juliet Palmer's 'Rivers' (Barnyard Records), and Veryan Weston’s 'The Make Project' (Barnyard Records). 

After completing a winter writing residency at the Banff Centre (Banff Artist Award recipient), Laura will be taking her solo project back into the studio in mid 2019 to complete a full-length album. This music is a continuation of the etherial sound world she has been developing in various collaborative projects over several years. Combining acoustic and processed voice to create soundscapes underneath simple, ernest melodies and stories, the sound that is minimalist at some moments, can be dense, raw and abrasive at others. Also in mid-2019, Laura will be releasing an album of improvised music with long-time collaborator and friend, guitarist Patrick O’Reilly (W/DRWN Records).

As an active member of the Canadian music community, Laura continues to focus on fully exploring imagination within her voice; to exploit it’s full capacity in both live and studio settings, as a solo singer and collaborator.